Dying Livers​/​Secular

by Quiet Steps

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released November 15, 2012

Credits for Dying Livers:
Recorded at Sun Distortion Studios in mid 2012. Mastered by Carl Staff. Art and Design by Errol Hoffman.

Credits for Secular:
Recorded by David Williams at Wavelength Recording Studio and VIA Studios. Mixed by David Williams. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY.

Performed by Leon Perkin, Robb Perkin & Joshua Strange. Additional instrumentation by David Williams and vocals by Rob Schlegel in the track 'Secular'.

Thanks to all our families, friends, partners, bands we've played with, Shaun Tenzenmen, Chris Brownbill and Errol Hoffman.


all rights reserved



tenzenmen Mueang Chiang Rai, Thailand

tenzenmen is a world renowned australasian music specialist.

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Track Name: Drying Rivers
shout out loud with your best metaphor
give me a reason for another war
pack your things in the car as it runs
the engine smell and the headlights on
car sick and deny lost at a traffic light
couldn't think of it more
couldn't think less of it
Track Name: Lake of Vacancy
fingers latch around chemicals are found
shift the arms and legs before the body is lead
step beyond the mind to make decisions fine
I guess we’re just designed to crave filth and crime
better nights rarely come
a chain of lies a simple sum
to justify to recollect
just to die to resurrect
buried in a lake of vacancy
carrying awake anatomy
whether met her weather met her
quietly devise a tactic to entice
to take her by surprise and nestle in her thighs
strike like rain
fill that ditch that lightning hit
where the fog and the mist
meet the sand on the dead land
Track Name: Black Orchard
there was an orchard rendering life
where a man and his negligent wife
had been appointed for the managing
the preservation and the nourishing
the couple found a vine fermented in to wine
drunk she lit a cigarette and flicked it to get rid of it
then smouldering the lit end set alight the trees that night
plantation burnt alive the man fled with his wife
residents all gathered in despair
inviting back the couple for repair
but she had left a letter by her side
replying justifying suicide

her note: "I am the enemy evil is a part of me
nothing there will be the same I’ll cut in to the deepest vein
savour the energy sever an artery
ashes lying there in vain I’ll feel the blade and take the blame"

as the blood ran through her now she could hear the orchard’s sound
if ecology will revive then sacrifice your life
Track Name: Ashtray
as the hype died down care from the relatives
died with this town spiralling negatives
he lay on her couch with all the sedatives
and then remembered how and what she had to give
never mind seeping lines
visualise her dressed in something nice
just to realise an apparition lies
never mind sleeping fine
be alright sinking wine
all that’s left of her are butts and particles
from the kitchen ashtray under the skylight
never mind seeping lines
be alright rising high
Track Name: Prison Cell Walls
seven months twenty nine
days have gone since she was still alive
etch another line to form five
like the time counted on prison cell walls
and he made it to the back of the house before
a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror he saw
he looked a lot like a man he once saw
wearing a crown on his head made of thorns
he was not immortalised in a picture frame
but he felt the pain in his brain all the same
maybe it’s time he took her best advise
a lot of pills and the sharpest knife
just to see her sitting there with her pretty hair
in a crowded clouded land up there
but he didn’t care how he’d die today
maybe a better way could be
a brighter lighter death in fire set ablaze
Track Name: Dying Livers
wood was piled high his body underneath
his actions sacrilegious
lost in the cracks and ridges of desiccating wood
he finally found a flame to burn away his name
set from her favourite lighter
that she had dropped beside her
just near her knife and pen
but when the day of dying came
an unexpected forest rain
softened the terrain extinguishing the existing flame
precipitating his fall in to a rock concussing his brain
he dreamt a while but then as the storm progressed
branches fall levels rise from waterfalls and from the sky
he dreamt it’s heaven’s cry like her tears flowing down
as she watches him die
Track Name: Introduction
lately I'm overworked man simply trying to withstand I’ll take a seed sow in the sea then try rewrite this fucking plan let this pen define means to an end
Track Name: Thin Ice
filter all the liars out they're around to bring us down filter all the traitors out they're around to bring us down it's their plan in fitting in via lies and living sin it's their way to slide right in when the ice is wearing thin .. build break hide give take find gin tonic and lime could sway my frame of mind i'll abide tonight speed toward defeat intoxicate a contradicting race to tolerate we are no better than our enemies or friends tonight there's one dead end where everyone pretends solace in a state of mind left compelled to find the line beyond the city sign where i feel the need to try .. tell me what is thinking straight if direction isn't fate
Track Name: Strike
born blessed and rich in all condemn they're fucking lost nice one shithead strike three we said .. shit luck in life yet self assured there's not a price that we'd sell for inside this door .. this is perfection our insurrection for all concealed we can reveal false from the real
Track Name: Secular
although we'd trade phrase for phrase where was love in lines? typing voice simulate the noise where was love in lines? i could no longer bear proceed to share paving the way shaping the clay whispering lines sentence signs concur rhymes but in time you'd fail to try when rivers dry all that drowned inside as alive as i .. look outside it is daylight just remain secular idiot .. alliterate or rhyme light to the left or right where was love at night? enter belief or lie likely to dim or die when was love even alive?
Track Name: Fire/Water
under water field of fire separation we transpire we're alive from inside we lost time and track of our lives then I wake to feel the water is coming down on to the ground it was my face caught in this race it was misplaced lost in this space I cannot recall a fact or a face I cannot recall the time or the place my reaction and comprehension cannot determine if this is fire or water sensation lost like love or lust shine or rust unable to understand the distance or space around to feel to understand to notice the actions our sense of failure in logic or love
Track Name: Accept Decline
as the time went by it was i who'd identify fiction in your eyes promise in your lies i stopped it here you're insincere better on my own just leave me alone when you're feeling like replicating thoughts and actions demonstrated .. fake control in how it's told until you fall out of line this time tracing my design just accept decline look back down wonder how it took this long to know it's wrong
Track Name: Pointless
knew it all along karma couldn't fade out of mind keep it in a song make sure i lay out on the line all the errors on my back when knives come from behind lay back down in hesitation distract me from isolation .. loathe the way you stole from me it's only temporary we'll float or drown sink or be found .. all the roads around circle back in to town .. lay back down demonstrate the way to wait around standing ground settle in the borders of this town play it loud turning all the errors in to sound get out now the pressure is on I've failed too long
Track Name: Finding Evidence
examine under the light we're finding evidence i can see the effort will break this deal and i'm not surprised all we know to break this heart is another way to connection you've sold your soul i have tried and seen inside and in silence i decide .. parade on in to the night the lies are raging inside the effort taken to fake and steal what we've compromised .. consider what's done and where to run then replay things you would say

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