Popular Music That Will Live Forever

by Narrow Lands



Once known to jangle, Sydney band Narrow Lands have turned their hands to rumbling. Since adding a baritone guitar to their mix, their music has become heavier, darker, weirder and, well, simply better.

On their debut LP, the guys from Narrow Lands mix the sweet grittiness of punk with a thundering mess of noise/feedback, in the spirit of bands like Swans or Dead China Doll.

Recorded in two days in mid-winter, in a shed behind Alan’s parents’ place on a little farm west of Bathurst, Narrow Lands aimed to keep the LP sounding as fresh, authentic and ferocious as possible.

Each ridiculous sound you might hear here is an experiment with the potential of an instrument, a way of allowing things to 'freak out' without forcing the issue. The result hits you like a friendly punch in the guts.

A co-operative release between tenzenmen and Octopus Pi (www.facebook.com/Octopuspi)

PRE-ORDER: narrowlands.bandcamp.com


released November 20, 2013

Alan Power, Andrew Bracey, Ivan Lisyak, Lee Campbell


all rights reserved



tenzenmen Mueang Chiang Rai, Thailand

tenzenmen is a world renowned australasian music specialist.

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Track Name: Triple J Drive Time Hit
i can control only some of the whole machine no control for the rest i can't agree when you say they're coming for me not agreeing with that calculation null for null call that result it's tradition skull for skull another result
Track Name: Whores Rule
well put well sung well said man take a bow then it's not embarrassing there's a letter we should never have sent that'll happen doesn't matter now the cunt with the radio mic says that's the session any questions all whores what's more someone's handing out gold stars to these idiots whores rule this scene sad thing that happened on sunday meet azaria he's a rock star he got offended and lost it on the internet said i'm sorry still funny now the cunt with the radio mic says something something wasn't listening all whores what's more nature's encouraging every fukn one of them whores rule this scene fake teams fake scores real whores
Track Name: Usefulness
this guy is a violent guy got a cock for brain he's a hero of mine
Track Name: Gifted Children
come see his exhibition no one gives a fuck about it and check his gifted children they're bleeding on the carpet and now he's falling over that's cos he's not drunk enough yet he put on guns n roses left us one last letter now he's gone
Track Name: December Clone
some of this stuff labeled junk isn't really junk some of those times you were drunk you were really drunk i can shout all i like doesn't change a thing here's a new job you can add to your normal job here's a new drug you can take with the other ones true sailors hate the sea screaming at the east that you're free fuk'n lie to me
Track Name: Invitation
stick around for a while take it easy big guy be our guest don't be shy take eat drink what you like what's ours is yours come on it's fine stick around for a while make yourself at home

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