Orlacs Hände

by Orlacs Hände



Not much good comes from Brisbane, but when something breaks through
and makes an impact, it makes the city and those who pay attention to
its music take an awestruck step back. During their all-too-short
lifespan, Orlacs Hände was a band that did just that.

For years, the record meant to be Orlacs Hände’s debut EP laid in a
state of dormancy. It saw a limited cassette release overseas and
quickly became impossible to track down, and those wondering if it
would ever see the light of day finally lost hope. Now, tenzenmen is
proud to announce that we will be righting that wrong and releasing
the EP ourselves – the way it was meant to be.

Everything that made Orlacs such a formidable and affecting live act
is here: the gut-tearing screams; the shattered-glass guitars; the
polyrhythmic, driving drums – but the six songs that make up the
record are the real stars here. There aren’t many releases in this
genre that pack so much originality and anguish into a package as
compact as this one. This is a lost classic, and it’s about time it
got the attention it deserves.

FOR FANS OF: Portraits of Past, Noisy Sins of the Insect, Funeral
Diner, & Tristan Tzara.


released May 1, 2011


all rights reserved



tenzenmen Mueang Chiang Rai, Thailand

tenzenmen is a world renowned australasian music specialist.

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Track Name: Life; a one round fight to the death
Run, run just run.
Run to the shore and make this the final fight and your last escape.
Try to leave the sound fo footfalls that scrape with your pulse, walk in time step with the self you feel safe in.
Embrace the strength fo the tide until you expire.
Track Name: Vincent
Open eyes begin deep pools of hope. Watching. Waiting. Casting these specters from ourselves until what is left is what is left to chance. And we despise. The more we pick ourselves apart the less we have to hide.
Track Name: Endless lies
These words are missing. Liar cheat thief. Refute and refuse
Track Name: Rice cakes and radiation
Set sail on the dawn you lost. Even if it's not the hand you were dealt. Dying embers can't build this back up. Nothing new can be forged from this. Broke their fall on your bodies. You were not meant for this.
Track Name: Dale Cooper
Exhale yourself into this air. Let tired arms fall to your sides. The need to unfurl is no longer. I'll hold myself in against the winds embrace I know it will run me through its edge of chilled whispers and loosed thoughts. The stars threw pale light that shows these threads worn thin, a skeletal scene that watches us turns years into distance. Turn to the dusk.
Track Name: An unspeakable beauty announced itself
We can't continue this failure of longing. Chasing these shadows of doubts through empty hallways devoid of meaning. So brief we are only. So brief with no bearing. Are we useless or this what you call dying?. Watch us die. Try to live it's all we ever had.

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